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While I understand that the Mainland part of the Shackles fills the same role as the larger islands in terms of being something akin to states, provinces, or regions in the Shackles region, the title of this article is bound to confuse people, since it means someone searching for Port Peril could end up here and not know that the article on the city is entirely different. —Yoda8myhead 23:10, 21 May 2012 (UTC)

Mutual understanding; I debated this myself and found it amusing that bringing order to a pirate society was proving difficult. I think it important that we keep titles that are used in the sourcebooks rather than creating our own; this will help to avoid confusion by someone familiar with the book and also retains the author's considered view on how to structure an entity, such as a country. So, I do think we need a page named 'Port Peril and the Mainland'. I have added, though, a quasi-disambiguation statement at the top of this page to avoid any confusion; what do you think? What I really wanted to do was create a Category:Shackles/Islands structure, rather than the less interesting Category:Shackles/Regions, but the Mainland is not an island so broke the rule, hence Regions (see statement above re order and pirates). Another possibility is to merge this page with the Shackles page, rather than your suggestion of merging with Port Peril, which would mean we could adopt an /Island structure for the rest of the country. On balance, I think the addition of a disambiguation here is the best solution.--Fleanetha 19:41, 23 May 2012 (UTC)
What about Shackles mainland or Mainland Shackles? This would distinguish it more as part of the larger region and separate it from Port Peril, while maintaining the thrust of the article as currently written, and would negate the need for even a disambiguation.—Yoda8myhead 20:51, 23 May 2012 (UTC)