Tanagowu Useme

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Tanagowu Useme

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 34

Tanagowu Useme was the eccentric samurai patriarch who founded the Sublime Shogunate of Ushinawa nearly 200 years ago. Grown tired of the labyrinthine intrigues of Minkan politics, Useme led seven ships from Minkai to the Shackles on a journey halfway around the world. The fiercely independent samurai and his rowdy followers first set foot on what is now the largest of the Ushinawa Isles. The proud warriors fought the murderous kuru natives who populated the stony Ghol-Gani ruins that dotted the island. The bloody fighting lasted one month and, at the end, every kuru was put to the sword. The warriors and the Tian-Min sailors and servants who accompanied them established the new limestone town of Genzei and within four years the nine other islands of the archipelago were similarly cleansed of their vile natives. The descendants of Useme have reigned these two centuries, though not without numerous challenges, as the arrogant and aggressive samurai offer their fealty only to the ruler who proves strongest.1


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