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Titles The City of Lanterns
Nation The Shackles
Region Ushinawa Isles
Size Small town
Population 1,318
Ruler Tanagowu Heigo

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 34

Genzei, the City of Lanterns, is the capital of the Ushinawa Isles. It was established nearly two centuries ago, when samurai patriarch Tanagowu Useme conquered the islands.

The fiercely independent samurai and his rowdy followers fought the murderous kuru natives who populated the stony Ghol-Gani ruins that dotted the island. The bloody fighting lasted one month and, at the end, every kuru was put to the sword. The warriors and the Tian-Min sailors and servants who accompanied them established the new, limestone town of Genzei.

The settlers went to great efforts to erase any signs of the original Ghol-Gani builders, painting over the depictions of cannibalism and bloody alien rituals and removing the limestone carvings portraying their ravenous gods.[1]

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