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Type Humanoid
CR By character level
Environment Any coastal

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 51

The kuru are a race of degenerate humanoids who live in the Shackles and are known to be cannibals. They live in the ruins of Ghol-Gan, the ancient cyclopes empire, and some believe they are possessed by the spirits of those who built their (now ruined) homes.[1] Among other places, kuru tribes can be found in the Cannibal Isles,[2] and also in the Terwa Uplands near the Temple of the Ravenous Moon—although they are careful to avoid the temple itself.[3]


The kuru have their own language (generally referred to as Kuru), although particularly intelligent members sometimes speak Abyssal, Common, Polyglot, or Undercommon.[4]

Recent Kuru Encounter

The beggar Strong-Arm Hix claims to be the sole survivor of the crew of the Spindrift Reaver, who were captured by the kuru and taken to a flooded temple. The rest of the crew were eaten alive as a sacrifice to a god the kuru called the Blood Queen, but Hix managed to escape.[2]


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