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Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 51

The kuru are a race of degenerate cannibal humanoids who live in the Shackles. They live in the ruins of Ghol-Gan, the ancient cyclopes empire, and some believe they are possessed by the spirits of those who built their (now ruined) homes.1 Among other places, kuru tribes can be found in the Cannibal Isles,2 and also in the Terwa Uplands near the Temple of the Ravenous Moon—although they are careful to avoid the temple itself.3


The kuru have their own language (generally referred to as Kuru), although particularly intelligent members sometimes speak Chthonian, Mwangi, Sakvroth, or Taldane.4

Recent encounters

The beggar Strong-Arm Hix claims to be the sole survivor of the crew of the Spindrift Reaver, who were captured by the kuru and taken to a flooded temple. The rest of the crew were eaten alive as a sacrifice to a god the kuru called the Blood Queen, but Hix managed to escape.2

A band of kuru are marooned atop the Gloomspire containing the tomb of Sevenfingers,5 and another group was transported to Versex.6


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