Tandre Cullerton

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Tandre Cullerton
Titles Master
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Lambreth, River Kingdoms
Organization Cullerton family;
Triunes of Lambreth
Died 4675 AR
Companion(s) Lady Cullerton, wife

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23

Master Tandre Cullerton was the head of the Cullertons, the oldest of the three merchant families ruling the small River Kingdom of Lambreth as the Triunes.[1]

When Lambreth was threatened by imminent invasion from neighbouring Razmiran in 4675 AR, the Triunes, in desperation, offered the lordship of the realm to Kamdyn Arnefax if he could defeat the invaders. When Arnefax returned victorious from the battle against the Razmiri invaders he demanded the lordship of Lambreth. Master Tandre Cullerton suggested a delay in the recognition of Arnefax's lordship but the knight coolly snapped the man's neck. Lady Cullerton was also swiftly killed when she rushed to save her husband. The Angelidis family and the Vizcarra family swore fealty at once and the Cullertons were dispossessed and exiled under penalty of death.[1]


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