Triunes of Lambreth

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Triunes of Lambreth

Ruling council
Now defunct
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23

The Triunes of Lambreth was the ruling council of the small domain of Lambreth, in the River Kingdoms. Lambreth was formed in 4502 AR from the union of the three important merchant families in the area: the Cullertons, the Angelidis, and the Vizcarra, who founded the tiny city-states of Maashinelle, Lockridge, and Sezgin, respectively. The union was the result of 10 years of delicate negotiations between the three families and was proposed by Leeoda Cullerton. It gathered together all of the isolated villages between the West Sellen River and the Tolemaida River to the east.1

When Lambreth was threatened by imminent invasion from neighbouring Razmiran in 4675 AR, the Triune, in desperation, offered the lordship of the realm to Kamdyn Arnefax.1


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