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The Task is a massive gash that cuts through the bedrock and mountains of Phlegethon, the fourth layer of Hell. The Task runs from the heart of Phlegethon to beneath a spiked tower that sits near the plane's edge.

According to legend, the Task was created by one of the first beings condemned to Hell, who was tasked with moving a colossal iron boulder from the core to the plane's edge. The bones of this colossal titan now stand at the top of the Task and support the massive iron boulder it once pushed. The iron boulder has dislodged numerous times in Hell's history and rolled down the length of the Task, crushing every soul in its path. When the boulder finally reaches the forges and factories at Phlegethon's heart, its sheer momentum wreaks havoc and causes massive damage to the core's buildings.

After every fall, Belial commands millions of damned to push the iron boulder back up to the top of the Task, an endeavor that takes many millennia.1


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