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Elysian Titan

Elysium or the Abyss
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 266f.'

Titans are primordial creatures of near-godlike power who predate the mortal races. They created the gigas, who in turn spawned the first giants. Few titans exist these days and they inhabit only the remotest corners of Elysium and the Abyss. Some believe that humans were not the creation of the gods, but instead are direct descendants of the giants of old, making the titans their ultimate progenitors; these theories, however, are the product of speculation and lack any proof.1


A danava titan.

During the Age of Creation, the gods formed the titans from the raw substance of the planes to help them refine and develop the new, and still roughly-formed multiverse. For unknown reasons, the titans rebelled against their progenitors, declaring themselves the true lords of creation. Entire planes were destroyed in the ensuing war, but in the end the gods emerged victorious, banishing their rebellious children, the Thanatotic titans, to the darkest corner of Abaddon. The Elysian titans, who had sought for peace with the gods, were richly rewarded by the gods with realms of their own and free access to every corner of the Great Beyond.2


Titans closely resemble humans in shape, but their colossal size belies their power. These entities stand seventy feet tall and weigh twenty tons. They possess vast strength and magical prowess.3

Elysian titans

A group of titans inhabit the outer plane of Elysium, living in their remote mountaintop homes or in floating palazzi. They are refugees from an eons-old war they no longer wish to discuss. They are generally beneficent individuals who collect interesting items and support the arts.4

Thanatotic titans

Defeated in their ancient war, the thanatotic titans were banished to the Abyss, where they burn with envy toward their free brethren.5 Many of these evil titans live on Uligor, the realm of the demon lord Orcus; some serve the demon, but others war against him or each other. Great tracts of the realm are scarred by the titans' civil war.6

Following their war against the gods, the thanatotic titans created the race of demodands in mockery of the gods' creation of mortals. Though horribly misshapen, the demodands, also called titanspawn, prove valuable servants, soldiers, and spies in the titans' continuing conflict against the gods, which they now wage through subterfuge rather than open warfare.7


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