Three Jaws

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Three Jaws

Local (Brazen Peaks)
Source: Howl of the Carrion King, pg(s). 60

Three Jaws is a gnoll tribe from Katapesh's Pale Mountain. The members of the tribe view themselves as the elite of the local tribes and serve at the forefront of the Carrion King's legions. Their leader is Hakkur, and notable members include Lakkur (their hunt leader, second-in-command, and Hakkur's sister) and Chinew.

The tribe's members adorn themselves with trophies and precious ornaments collected from their fallen foes through piercings, skin pockets, and similar painful disfigurement. The size of the tribe is 25 gnolls, 11 flinds, 6 goblin slaves and 15 guard hyenas. Their lair is a collection of huts on the banks of a cascading feeder stream that runs from the upper reaches of Pale Mountain.1