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Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Warm plains
Images of hyenas

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 179

Hyenas are cat-like mammals, though with many canine elements, that have shaggy fur and are known for their cunning hunting tactics and vocalizations that sound eerily human-like. They largely eat carrion, but will occasionally supplement their diet with fresh meat should the opportunity present itself.[1] They are the sacred animals of the infernal duke Ruzel.[2]


Hyenas often hunt alone, but when in packs, will send a few members toward their prey while the rest circle around to attack from behind.[1]

Savage humanoids, especially gnolls, will train hyenas to serve as vicious guards, often outfitting them with leather barding.[1]

Similar species

Gnolls strongly resemble bipedal, humanoid hyenas, and believe themselves to be descended from hyenas granted sapience by Lamashtu.[3] Yaenits, a race of demons that serve Lamashtu, also have the heads of hyenas.


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