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Hyenas, or hyaenas, are cat-like mammals, though with many canine elements, that have shaggy fur and are known for their cunning hunting tactics and vocalizations that sound eerily human-like. They largely eat carrion, but will occasionally supplement their diet with fresh meat should the opportunity present itself.1 They are the sacred animals of the infernal duke Ruzel.2


Hyenas often hunt alone, but when in packs, will send a few members toward their prey while the rest circle around to attack from behind.1

Savage humanoids, especially gnolls, will train hyenas to serve as vicious guards, often outfitting them with leather barding.1

Similar species

Gnolls strongly resemble bipedal, humanoid hyenas, and believe themselves to be descended from hyenas granted sapience by Lamashtu.34 Yaenits, a race of demons that serve Lamashtu, also have the heads of hyenas.

A particularly large and primeval variety of hyena is known as the hyaenodon.

On Golarion

Hyenas roam the Ketz Desert in Qadira.5


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