Tirilee Ambrasa

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Tirilee Ambrasa

Bard 10
Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 48

Tirilee Ambrasa is an incredible virtuoso who has dominated the cultural scene of Eagle's Head for the past five years. Eagle's Head is an ancient amphitheatre that, during the summer season, swells into a full blown town as people from across Taldor and even the entire Inner Sea region flock to watch the finest in Taldan performing arts. Tirilee has been the breakaway star of Eagle's Head for the last five years straight, an unprecedented hot streak as most performers manage to keep the spotlight for only a year or at most two. This newfound fame has given Tirilee incredible access to and influence within the highest echelons of Taldor's aristocracy and even with powerful theatre aficionados from nations much further afield. Because of this newfound influence she has come to the attention of Myro Gravilla, a member of the Lion Blades who has to keep track of all the numerous intrigues of Eagle's Head. Tirilee is not a resident of Taldor however, she lives in the elven kingdom of Kyonin and only visits Taldor during the Eagle's Head season.1


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