Tomb of the Pharaoh of Blades

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After An-Hepsu VII, also known as the Pharaoh of Blades, founded the mighty fortress-city of Ipeq in -2385 AR, he used the enormous force of his genie servants to build a tomb deep beneath the city. This tomb is known as the Tomb of the Pharaoh of Blades, and its twisted, labyrinthine corridors and burial chambers were designed and cursed to confuse and trap grave robbers. An-Hepsu VII was buried in the tomb after his mysterious murder in -2359 AR. His vengeful spirit became imprisoned in the maze of his own design, and after millennia of impotent rage was driven mad; it remains there to this day. Undead versions of the pharaoh's favored warriors accompany him in the form of armed mummies known as the Black Reckoners. The crypt is also home to the pharaoh's undead lover, Chigaret Nerfauner.12


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