Brazen Frontier

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Brazen Frontier

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 8

The Brazen Frontier is one of the six regions of Osirion and forms the border area with Katapesh to the south.1 Its cognomen originates from the nearby Brazen Peaks.1 Travelers to the region will find a perilous land, dotted with canyons, ravines, and ridges.1 The arable portion of the land, however, is rather productive, producing cotton and foodstuffs, much of which is shipped down rivers like the Crook and Asp to other parts of Osirion.1


The Brazen Frontier is primarily inhabited by humans, the isolationist Pahmet dwarves, many gnolls, and dangerous wildlife.1 Its civilized settlements include Erekrus (a Pahmet dwarven settlement in the Brazen Peaks), Fort Fang (a gnoll fortress), Ipeq, Oe-Tet (a Pahmet dwarven trade city), and Safani (the "Hidden Village").1


The Brazen Frontier served as Osirion's southern border for many years until An-Hepsu VII, the Pharaoh of Blades, annexed lands south of the Brazen Peaks into his empire.1 During the push south, An-Hepsu VII summoned genies to create a fortress at the Shallows of Ipeq.1


Major resources found in the Brazen Frontier region include: bronze, cotton, mercenary soldiers, and slaves.1


A major chapter considering the Brazen Frontier is published in Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs.

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