Risen Guard

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Risen Guard
A member of the Risen Guard

Lawful neutral
Sothis garrison
Serve the Forthbringers
Soldiers and guardsmen
Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 44-45

The Risen Guard is an elite Sothan military unit serving Osirion's ruling dynasty: the Forthbringers.1 Each member has died and has been brought back to life by the order of Khemet III—if not by the Ruby Prince's hand personally.2 As such, the Risen Guard is fanatically loyal to the Forthbringers. New members give up their former identities and ranks, sometimes forsaking their previous names.1

Objectives and Goals

The Risen Guard protects the Ruby Prince. When he travels, two dozen Risen Guard travel with him. Standard doctrine requires that the Ruby Prince should always see at least three Risen Guard in any direction he looks: "One to die for him, one to kill for him, and one to carry him to safety".1 The Risen Guard also protects the Ruby Prince's family, and as such, the Risen Guard is frequently tasked with the dubious honor of hunting down and ensuring the safe return of Ojan and Jasilia, the throne's young twin heirs, who frequently disappear to explore the hidden corners of Osirion's desert.2


For the Risen Guard, the word of the Ruby Prince is law. The actual operation of the Risen Guard is under the command of the Khopeshman of Sothis.3


The Risen Guard has a permanent garrison in Sothis, though the guard is found wherever the Ruby Prince is located, including the White-Walled Palace of the Forthbringer under Sothis' Black Dome.14


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