Tors of Levenies

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Rising from the Kamelands, the Tors of Levenies are a towering mountain range thrusting skyward, as if created by some terrible upheaval. On the western side, the Tors feature sharp cliffs and escarpments, while on the east the mountains ascend gradually and gently climb to the summit.

Those who attempt to ascend from the east (thinking it easy) are disappointed to find the path dotted with pits, valleys, ravines, and tarns, making the ascent quite treacherous. A vast system of caves honeycombs beneath the Tors, and adventurers who return from those depths bring cautionary tales of wyverns, enormous blind snakes, and poisonous stones. Odder still are tales of enormous carvings and cave art, made by the hand of impossibly sized artists.1


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