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The Kamelands lie along the eastern edge of the Stolen Lands in the River Kingdoms. Characterized by rolling hills of brown and yellow, the landscape is notable for its many rocky mounds known as kames. It is located in the region known as the Greenbelt.[1]

Grasses in the Kamelands grow quite tall—sometimes up to 4 feet—and present a difficult barrier to both travel and settlement in the region.

Among the high grass and rocky hills rise the mysterious kames, mounds of ancient stone and debris. The kames together form great, strange patterns, suggesting waymarkers, barrows, and long-destroyed walls and foundations.

Very few animals live in the Kamelands; its rare occupants include rodents, snakes, foxes, hares, and wolves. Wyverns are known to fly over the region, and boars, bears, and even owlbears sometimes travel in from the forests to the east. Horses of the region are much valued (and highly expensive) for their strength, speed, and sure-footedness.[2]


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