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Type Dragon
CR 6
Environment Temperate and warm hills
Images of wyverns

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 282

Wyverns are a race of smaller dragons (at least compared to true dragons) known for their aggressiveness and territoriality.[1]


Wyverns average around 16 feet in length and normally weigh about 2,000 pounds. While wyverns resemble blue-coloured dragons, the most obvious difference is their lack of front arms, as they have only rear legs and wings. A wyvern's tail makes up half the length of its body and ends in a stinger that drips with murderously potent venom.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Wyverns favour warm and temperate areas, particularly hills, although they can dwell in many environments. They usually claim an area from 100 to 200 square miles as their exclusive hunting territory and fight other wyverns to the death over their domain.

While many wyverns model themselves after true dragons, they lack their intelligence and often behave more like exceptionally smart beasts. A wyvern is territorial and highly aggressive, and almost immediately attempts to use violence to solve any problem. Though capable of speech, most wyverns often do not bother using it before attacking other intelligent creatures. These violent tendencies and lack of sophistication results in most dragons seeing wyverns as hopelessly primitive savages.[1]

Wyverns are distant relatives of amphipteres, which unlike them lack even their hind legs and possess only a pair of wings. Both species possess long tails tipped with inborn weapons; unlike a wyvern's poisonous stinger, however, an amphiptere's tail ends in a sharp spur used primarily to spear targets.[2]


Due to their aggressive tendencies, wyverns are normally solitary creatures, though they sometimes band together to hunt larger prey that a single wyvern cannot kill alone. Wyverns can sometimes control their violent urges long enough to ally with others, such as giants and tribes of violent monstrous humanoids. There have even been reports of tribes of lizardfolk and boggards that have bribed wyverns to serve them as mounts.[1]


Night wyvern

Covered in dark blue scales to provide camouflage, night wyverns are a more powerful nocturnal variant of the standard wyvern. However, such wyverns are inhibited in strong sunlight. This variant definitely exists in Varisia in the area of the Iron Peaks and the Wyvern Mountains.[3]

On Golarion

Wyverns inhabit places across the Inner Sea region, ranging from the half-frozen Antler Rock in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings of northern Avistan[4] all the way down to Dahak's Teeth in The Shackles where Aashaq's wyverns terrorise the people of Garund,[5] and east to the Tors of Levenies in the Stolen Lands.[6]

Several prominent locales across the Inner Sea region are named after the ferocious beasts, most notably the Wyvern Mountains atop the Storval Plateau in Varisia[7] and the orc city of Wyvernsting where beastmasters of Wingripper tribe soar on their semi-tamed wyverns above the city.[8]