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Rodrik and Hrym battle a totenmaske.
Type Undead
CR 7
Environment Any land or underground
Images of totenmaskes

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 269

Totenmaskes are undead that arise from particularly sinful beings whose need for indulgence is stronger than the grasp of death.[1]


Totenmaskes are gaunt humanoids with a moldering coloration. Their heads consist primarily of fanged jaws and their fingers are long, spindly claws.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

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Totenmaskes have hollow, needle-like claws, and by striking a creature with them they can siphon off a portion of the target's flesh and memories. After a totenmaske has "sampled" a creature like this, it can assume their form and use it to carry out their sinful desires. However, a totenmaske's stolen forms gradually rot upon its fetid carcass, requiring it to regularly fleshdrink victims to renew its alternate form.[1]


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