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Tsuto Kaijitsu

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Tsuto Kaijitsu
Tsuto Kaijitsu.

Monk 2 / Rogue 2
4707 AR (aged 21)

Tsuto Kaijitsu was a born a bastard with links to House Kaijitsu, a noble family in the small town of Sandpoint. His bitter childhood eventually led him to plan a raid on the town by local goblin tribes with his partner Nualia Tobyn.1


Tsuto is the illegitimate son of Atsuii Kaijitsu and the elven adventurer Arinellus, whom Tsuto never met. He has a half-sister, Ameiko Kaijitsu, daughter of Atsuii and her lawful husband Lonjiku. As a aiuvarin born to two human parents, Tsuto's birth was open proof of Atsuii's infidelity, and not only caused a stir in their relationship, but in the town of Sandpoint as well.23


From a young age, Tsuto was shipped off to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside the family he was never really a part of, visited only by his sister, and even then very rarely and in secret. His joyless childhood infused Tsuto with a hatred of his hometown, with the exception of his sister.31

His relationship with Ameiko changed drastically in 4701 AR when he struck her during an argument, prompting her abandonment of Sandpoint for a year of adventuring. They further argued in 4702 AR at their mother's funeral, most likely over Tsuto's overstated opinion that Lonjiku had pushed Atsuii to her "accidental" death, a squabble which ended with Lonjiku nearly breaking his stepson's jaw with his cane. Tsuto left Sandpoint in disgrace, heading to Magnimar, where he attempted to start a new life for himself. It was there that he met Nualia Tobyn, arguably the most influential person in his life.3

Nualia approached Tsuto with an offer to aid her in her plans to burn down Sandpoint as an offering to Lamashtu. Her hatred for Sandpoint and her desire to bring about its destruction inspired Tsuto to exact his own revenge upon Lonjiku for his unhappy childhood. Together they plotted the goblin invasion which took place on 1 Rova, 4707 AR. Tsuto's part in the ordeal was to blackmail his father to make certain arrangements on the night of the Swallowtail Festival to accommodate the raid and ensure its success, even if Lonjiku was unaware of what the result of his actions would be.14 After the raid was quelled and things returned to normal in the town, Tsuto took his plan further. He blackmailed Lonjiku again, demanding payment if Lonjiku did not want his role in the raid to be revealed to the town. As Lonjiku entered the Sandpoint Glassworks, Tsuto and his goblin minions ambushed and killed him, then encased his corpse in molten glass. Soon afterwards, they kidnapped Ameiko after she turned down his offer to join him and Nualia in their ongoing plans.15

Eventually, a group of adventurers confronted Tsuto in the glassworks. He made his last stand and was killed. However, his soul continued to haunt the place, inflicting those who succumbed to his haunting to be overwhelmed with shame.6


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