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House Kaijitsu
Ameiko Kaijitsu, head of House Kaijitsu.

Noble family
Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 7
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House Kaijitsu was a noble family in Magnimar secretly composed of the exiled Amatatsu family of Minkai, where they had been one of the five families to whom Shizuru had granted a divine mandate to rule.

In 4711 AR, house scion Ameiko Kaijitsu rediscovered her family's lineage, which had been kept secret from her, and returned to Minkai. She overthrew the Jade Regent controlling the nation and was crowned Empress, reclaiming her Amatatsu family name in the process.1


See also: Rokuro Kaijitsu

Pursued by a group of oni called the Five Storms who were intent on their destruction, the last surviving Amatatsus fled their homeland in 4652 AR and traversed the Crown of the World, eventually settling in the Varisian city of Magnimar. To evade the Five Storms, Amatatsu Tsutoku—the youngest and last surviving son of his family—changed his name to Rokuro Kaijitsu, settled and formed a family, built a successful glass-blowing business, became part of that city-state's nascent nobility, and co-founded the town of Sandpoint.23

In Magnimar

Although the family had largely removed itself to the nearby town of Sandpoint, they maintained a manor home in Magnimar known as Kaijitsu Villa, located in the Naos district.4

In Sandpoint

Most of the family migrated to the Magnimarian holding of Sandpoint upon its founding. After the passing of Rokuro Kaijitsu, his son Lonjiku Kaijitsu took on operation of the Sandpoint Glassworks. Ameiko, Lonjiku's daughter, owned and operated the town's Rusty Dragon inn. After Lonjiku's wife's death in 4702 AR and a heavy dispute with his bastard son Tsuto, he developed a misanthropic streak.5

After Lonjiku and Tsuto died in a goblin raid in 4707 AR, one organized in part by Tsuto out of anger toward his father, Ameiko inherited the Glassworks.5 However, she closed it down as she preferred to focus on the Rusty Dragon and was frustrated by the rumours that the Glassworks were haunted by the ghosts of the goblins' victims.6

After Ameiko left Sandpoint in 4711 AR to become Empress of Minkai, Lonjiku's ghost is the town's only remnant of House Kaijitsu.78 Ameiko retains the family's manor in Sandpoint as lodging for the infrequent opportunities she has to return.9

In Westcrown

Amaya Kaijitsu, Ameiko's half-sister from one of Lonjiku's affairs, has little connection to the rest of the family or awareness of her family's royal lineage.1011 As of 4709 AR she was a glass blower in the Chelaxian city of Westcrown and secret supporter of the Children of Westcrown resistence organization.1211 With Ameiko's departure for Minkai, Amaya might be the last surviving member of House Kaijitsu in Avistan and the only member of the family to retain the Kaijitsu name.

Known members

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