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Lonjiku Kaijitsu

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Burnt Offerings, The Brinewall Legacy
Lonjiku Kaijitsu
Lonjiku Kaijitsu.
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Tian-Min) ghost
Class Aristocrat 3 / Expert 2
Gender Male
Homeland Sandpoint, Varisia (formerly Magnimar)
Organization House Kaijitsu
Died 4707 AR
Images of Lonjiku Kaijitsu

Source: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, pg(s). 30

Lonjiku Kaijitsu was the leader of the Kaijitsu family in Sandpoint until his death in 4707 AR. He was married to Atsuii Kaijitsu, whom he had murdered five years before his death.[1]


Lonjiku was born in Magnimar to Rokuro Kaijitsu. His father, born Amatatsu Tsutoku, was the last scion of one of the five royal families of Minkai, and fled his homeland to Avistan when the oni of the Five Storms sought to exterminate them. In order to hide his identity, Rokuro settled in Brinewall and became a glassblower, and later moved to Magnimar, where he became a member of the city's aristocracy and a co-founder of Sandpoint, but kept the Amatatsu Seal, proof of his lineage, in Brinewall, hidden in a warding box.[2]

In 4687 AR, at the age of 60, Rokuro brought Lonjiku from Sandpoint to Brinewall to reveal his family legacy to his son. However, as Rokuro was contemplating how to do so, Lonjiku opened the warding box himself, exposing the Amatatsu Seal to observation. The horrified Rokuro immediately sent Lonjiku with his bodyguard and belongings back on three ships to Magnimar; at the same time, the Five Storms, noticing the Amatatsu Seal, quickly mobilised its Kalsgard-based branch, the Frozen Shadows, to raze Brinewall. Off the Lost Coast, the three ships sank in a storm, but Lonjiku survived and drifted back to land after a few weeks. Meanwhile, after destroying Brinewall, the Five Storms failed to discover the hidden vault containing the Amatatsu Seal, and as they infiltrated Magnimar and learned about the loss of Rokuro's ships, they falsely assumed that the Amatatsu Seal sank with the ships, and the family was now wiped out, as Lonjiku returned to Sandpoint to rebuild his family.[2]

Lonjiku was killed during a goblin raid in Sandpoint in 4707 AR. The goblins mutilated and encased his corpse in molten glass, and his ghost continued to haunt the Sandpoint Glassworks after his death, never manifesting when his daughter was present.[3]


Lonjiku was a short-tempered, misanthropic man who failed to establish good connections to his children Tsuto, Ameiko, and Amaya—especially the former, a half-elf whose very existence was open proof of his wife's infidelity. Ameiko, his eldest daughter, was a successful adventurer and, thereafter, the owner of Sandpoint's Rusty Dragon, but was no source of pride for him either.[1][4] He rarely saw Amaya, his daughter from an affair with a Chelish noblewoman in Magnimar, and she took the Kaijitsu family name only after Lonjiku's death.[5]