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Amatatsu Ameiko

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Amatatsu Ameiko
Empress Amatatsu Ameiko

Ameiko Kaijitsu
Empress of Minkai
Aristocrat 1 / Bard 3 / Rogue (rake) 1
4689 AR (age 35)
Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 52–53 (1E)
Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 152 (2E)

As of 4724 AR, Amatatsu Ameiko, born Ameiko Kaijitsu, is Empress of Minkai.1 Before her ascension to the Jade Throne in 4711 AR, she was best known in the Varisian town of Sandpoint as the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, the most popular tavern in town.23


Ameiko is the only legitimate child of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu, and half-sister of both Amaya (on her father's side) and Tsuto Kaijitsu (on her mother's side). For most of her life, she was unaware of her family's real heritage as the only surviving royal family of Minkai, or her status as the only legitimate heir to Minkai's throne.45


While living in Sandpoint, Ameiko artfully dodged several advances from potential suitors, which is the genesis of a rumor that she had a secret lover. She is unafraid to use what magic she has at her disposal around the Rusty Dragon and used spells like unseen servant, charm person, and cure light wounds to keep her tavern running in tip-top shape.6


A portrait of Ameiko Amatatsu prior to becoming Empress of Minkai.

Ameiko was born in 4689 AR. Lonjiku closely supervised her, controlled whom he allowed to be her friends, and filled her days with lessons in music, diplomacy, magic, and academic subjects. Despite this, she still sneaked into town to play with friends and explore old buildings. Ameiko was the only person who visited Tsuto in the Turandarok Academy, as Lonjiku ostracised him due to his status as a aiuvarin (and open proof of Atsuii's infidelity).72

Tsuto's influence on Ameiko was notable, despite his nearly total absence from her everyday life. In 4701 AR, when Ameiko tried to reconcile her father and brother, Tsuto struck her in a fit of rage, prompting her abandonment of Sandpoint for a year of adventuring.27

Ameiko returned to Sandpoint in 4702 AR for her mother's funeral, and partook in another heated argument with her brother over his overstated opinion that Lonjiku had pushed Atsuii to her "accidental" death. After Tsuto left town, Ameiko decided to stay in Sandpoint to care for her father.72

At the age of 16, when life alone with her father and his servants grew unbearably depressing, Ameiko left home again and joined a group of adventurers, and became particularly good friends with Alder Vhiski, the group's handsome young Varisian priest of Shelyn. In 4706 AR, they were captured by a degenerate cannibal clan in the Fogscar Mountains. During their escape, nearly everyone was picked off by the cannibals until only Ameiko, Alder, and Alder's brother Sandru survived. As they tried to flee on a rowboat, Ameiko was bitten twice by the snake companion of the druid who led the cannibals. Alder pulled her to safety, but was himself bitten by the snake and eaten by the cannibals; Sandru eventually brought her back to Sandpoint.7

Some months later, Ameiko got a snake tattoo as a memorial to Alder, and spent her income from adventuring to buy the Rusty Dragon. She began to run the Rusty Dragon as a tavern for adventurers and moved away from Kaijitsu Manor, leaving it to her father to live in with his servants.76

In 4707 AR, Ameiko lost both her father and half-brother during a series of goblin raids on Sandpoint. She inherited the Sandpoint Glassworks, but closed it down, as she preferred to focus on the Rusty Dragon and was frustrated by the rumours that the Glassworks were haunted by the ghosts of the goblins' victims.8

Ascent to the Jade Throne

In 4711 AR, Ameiko and a group of adventurers discovered a document that indicated a great Kaijitsu family legacy lay hidden in Brinewall. In Brinewall, they recovered the Amatatsu Seal from its warding box, and learnt about the history of Ameiko's family: her real surname is Amatatsu, and she is the last surviving rightful heir to Minkai's throne after the usurper Soto Takahiro murdered Emperor Higashiyama Shigure. After recovering her family sword Suishen in Kalsgard, they embarked on a journey from Avistan through the Crown of the World and the Forest of Spirits to Minkai to help Ameiko reclaim her birthright. After earning the support of Minkai's populace and the blessing of the previous emperors, Ameiko presented herself as the rightful ruler of Minkai, and was accepted by the Jade Throne after the defeat of the Jade Regent and his cronies.91011

As empress, she approved the opening of a Pathfinder lodge, the Three Gates Lodge, on the island of Kayajima off the northwestern coast of Minkai.112 In 4720 AR, Ameiko visited Absalom to participate in the Radiant Festival, which she saw as an opportunity to bolster trade and establish connections with other nations.13


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