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The Tuskwater is a brown, rocky lake surrounded by cliffs and steep hills in the Stolen Lands. Nearly every river in the Kamelands and Narlmarches inevitably leads to Tuskwater. The lake experiences seasonal floods brought on by the spring thaw, which spills out into ravines along its length to the west. These floods create gullies of pits of standing water that accelerate the growth of local populations of mosquitoes, bloodseekers, snakes, and assassin vines.

At its depths the Tuskwater is bountiful, roiling with pike, longnose gar, bluegill, and fanged eels. The eels are particularly valued as a rare delicacy on the tables of New Stetven and greater Brevoy, and the fishers who plumb the lake's depths are slow to give up their secrets of avoiding the eels' vicious bites or grasping their slippery skins.1


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