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Type Aberration
(aquatic, chaotic, evil)
CR 23
Environment Any
Images of Tychilarius

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 56-57

Tychilarius, which translates to They Drown the Gods in Oblivion (and is commonly mistranslated as The Drowned God), is a resident of the Dark Tapestry. While considered by some to be a deity, probably of the level of a Great Old One,[1] Tychilarius cannot grant spells to cultists; it is instead a tremendous aberration made of thousands of creatures supposedly fused in the heart of a black hole.[2]


Tychilarius is a massive tooth-ringed maw surrounded by tentacles.[2]


Tychilarius is capable of traveling outer space at incredible speeds, firing blasts of plasma from its tentacles, and performing any number of mind-warping horrors. It can overstimulate creatures with incredible sensations, fracture their sanity with psychic energy, consume them in its maw, and absorb their forms to produce aberrations from their matter and energy.[2]


On Golarion, Tychilarius's influence stretches back to pre-Osirian tribes of ancient Garundi. The little information that remains places it among the leadership of the Dominion of the Black, with an origin of anywhere between Aucturn and an unknown distant galaxy.[3]


Tychilarius is imprisoned, though the nature of its imprisonment is unknown. Numerous cults, including the Night Heralds, have attempted rituals to summon it—all failures.[3]