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Space travel

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Travelers from Golarion step foot on Akiton, a distant planet.

Traversing the vast reaches of the Universe past the gravitational bonds of a planet is no small task, but inhabitants of a few worlds—including Golarion—have achieved space travel, whether by spell, spaceship, a combination of the two, or other mysterious means.

On Golarion

Golarion's peoples have not developed the technological capacity to leave Golarion, but some have deployed powerful—if unstable—magical transports.

Golarion also occasionally receives visitors from space, including the tremendous crash of the Divinity in the Rain of Stars over Numeria.4

Challenges of space travel from Golarion

Most teleportation spells are incapable of transporting creatures from Golarion to any other planetary body, including its own moon.5 Very specific and powerful spells, such as interplanetary teleport,6 remain the most accessible methods for those with the means to cast or commission them.

Portals to other worlds are often keyed, limiting access to those who know their location and understand their purpose.3

Physically traversing space itself presents numerous additional challenges. Space is a hostile environment; the void's frigid vacuum can suffocate or freeze unadapted and unprotected travelers within seconds, gravitational forces (or the lack thereof) can make controlling one's movement difficult or outright rip creatures apart, and the vast distances between worlds require extraordinary speed to reach even the nearest destinations in anything less than a matter of years.7

Prospective space travelers could tame wild space-native shantaks visiting Golarion, taking advantage of their speed and ability to protect their riders from the hazards of space. Certain magical items, such as a necklace of adaptation, can also protect space travelers.7 Androffan technology recovered from Numeria can also provide such protective effects, though the Technic League controlled much of the Divinity wreckage's functional items, and millennia-old salvage might be unreliable and difficult or impossible to repair.8

Space travel via coterminous planes

As both the Netherworld and the First World are coterminous with the Universe (i.e., each point in the Netherworld corresponds to one in the Universe), it is theoretically possible to travel through them to other planets within Golarion's solar system. This would be accomplished by entering one of these planes from Golarion, traveling through it, and then exiting at a point that corresponded with another planet.

The benefit of this would be that the traveler could avoid moving through the void between the planets, but the downsides are also considerable. Traveling through the Netherworld is not without its risks, and would still involve bridging the vast distances between the planets. Travel through the First World is highly unpredictable, as the plane's geography is constantly shifting, and could deposit a traveler exiting the plane in the void of space or within a star just as easily.9

Elsewhere in the Universe


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