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Region Ruun Uvas basin, Crown of the World
Size Small town
Population 626
Demographics 585 humans, 23 dwarves, 10 halflings, 8 elves
Government Autocracy
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Headman Ordos
Leader Salt-Speaker Khorokh

Source: The Hungry Storm, pg(s). 41

Ul-Angorn is a small town on the Crown of the World, lying on the shores of Saltsea Lake. It is the largest settlement of Erutaki humans in the Ruun Uvas basin. Ul-Angorn is a resting spot for caravans along the Path of Aganhei between the High Ice[1] and Ovorikheer Pass.[2]

Ul-Angorn is prosperous for a town its size, and its inhabitants are inquisitive and garrulous.[2]


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