Urburg Armbreaker

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Urburg Armbreaker
Titles Chieftain
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Hill giant
Class Barbarian (scarred rager) 6
Gender Male
Homeland Southmoor, Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Source: Giants Revisited, pg(s). 33

Urburg Armbreaker is a hill giant who was born into a tribe dwelling in the Kodar Mountains near Southmoor in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. He was cursed with an unusually small size, called a 'guff' by his peers, and when he was young his own people left him to die in the wilds of the Grungir Forest. The betrayed Urburg survived and after nearly 20 years on his own, he emerged from the woods and tracked down his tribe. The vengeful giant cleaved their current chieftain's head off with one swing of his mighty club and claimed the title for himself. His people learnt to fear Urburg's frequent bouts of rage. Urburg Armbreaker is heavily scarred. He wears the hide of a black dragon, and wields a massive club studded with dragon's teeth.[1]


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