Grungir Forest

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Grungir Forest

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 10

The dark Grungir Forest can be found in the southern Lands of the Linnorm Kings, south of the capital of Kalsgard, and north of the city of Jol.1 As a region, it counts as one of the seven current Linnorm Kingdoms.2


The Grungir Forest serves as the wild heart of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and is so vast that it is counted as an entire province. The forest is all but unbroken except in some of the eastern reaches where the odd road winds through its depths, though most humans do not like to travel any deeper into the forest than where they can still see its edge. The Grungir Forest is riddled with portals to the faerie realm of the First World and, in some places, its energies infuse the forest to the point that the very trees themselves can speak and walk. The Grungir is home to numerous legendary locations from the Lair of Fafnheir and the Forestheart to the hidden fey city of Nithveil.3


The Grungir Forest is a place where humans are not the dominant race, instead it is the realm of fierce linnorms, strange fey, wild animals, and dangerous monsters. Fey are the most numerous of Grungir's inhabitants, suspicious Ulfens even claim that they know everything that takes place beneath the forest's canopy. Humans do still intrude into the Grungir Forest: hunting bands roam the forest's outermost edges seeking its abundant wildlife but fearing to venture deeper in, for there lurk monsters.3


Gnomes are the only civilized people dwelling within the Grungir Forest and even the gnomes avoid the depths of the forest. Gnomish settlements are found on the borders of the Grungir Forest, especially on the southern borders, and usually far from human towns. Grungir gnomes have a close relationship with the forest and its fey denizens. Dryads, grigs, nymphs, and pixies often live in the gnomish villages. The gnomes often mediate conflicts between the fey and the nearby humans or dwarves. The bleaching is all but unknown among the gnomes of the Grungir Forest because of their close association with fey and the First World.2

Guardians of Grungir

The Guardians of Grungir are a group of Ulfen druids who protect the Grungir Forest from human encroachment but also contain many of the most violent fey or other monsters of the woods.2


The mysterious and powerful norns can be encountered throughout the Land of the Linnorm Kings. They usually appear before destined heroes or villains to issue prophecies or warnings, and are always indifferent to conflicts between good and evil, or law and chaos. But the majority of norn encounters occur within the depths of the Grungir Forest and, especially, close to the locations of Forestheart and Nithveil supporting the rumour that there is a link between the norns and the First World.2



The following are the main settlements in the Grungir Forest:2

  • Delmon's Glen, a relatively mundane gnomish settlement along the route between Jol and Varisia
  • Losthome, a logging town that also serves as a watchpost against the activities of neighbouring Irrisen
  • Nithveil, a faerie city of the First World that can manifest anywhere within the Grungir Forest
  • Sojourner's Rest, a fey town with a physically impossible geography that possesses a multitude of wonders


The following are the main locations in the Grungir Forest:2


Rulers of the Grungir Forest

Humans do not have any great power or settlement within the Grungir Forest and there is no overall ruler with the region falling outside the influence of other Linnorm Kingdoms. Indeed, with the most powerful creature being Fafnheir, gaining control of the Forest would require a great leader of the Ulfen people—a new High King, about which only legends speak. Fey and the Guardians of Grungir hold the real power today and there is no defined capital or ruler.3


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