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Linnorm King Ostog
Gorum, Torag, Urxehl, giant deities
Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 26

Southmoor is one of the seven current Linnorm Kingdoms, located south of the region of the Grungir Forest.1


Despite its relatively large size, Southmoor is the least important of the Linnorm Kingdoms, lacking organization, population, reputation, and resources. It is located south of the Grungir Forest in one of the least civilized regions of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. The coastline is ragged, with few natural harbors and hundreds of miles of desolate moors and boglands. Only a small region around the kingdom's capital Jol in the central part of Southmoor, is cultivated and relatively safe. The city of Jol is the largest settlement in the kingdom but is a ramshackle and disorganized mess of a town run by the Linnorm King Ostog, who ascended to the throne in 4719 AR following the disappearance of his predecessor Opir Eightfingers.12

The bogs, hills and mountains are dangerous because of wild animals and monsters but the greatest danger comes from groups of giants in the region. There are marsh giants in the lowlands, hill giants on the Kodar Mountains and many ogres and trolls. Traveling Southmoor requires organized and well-armed groups and every settlement has strong walls to withstand an assault. Linnorms lair in the far reaches of the region, usually deep in the Kodar mountains and are rarely seen,1 fjord linnorms are known to hunt around the Devil's Drain which dominates the channel between Southmoor and Dragon's Rib of the Ironbound Islands.3

The giants, trolls, linnorms and worse dwelling in the eastern part of Southmoor are incidentally responsible for guarding the southernmost border between the Linnorm Kingdoms and Irrisen.1


The following are the main settlements in Southmoor:1

Places of interest

The following are the main locations in Southmoor:1


The region of Southmoor was once known as Old Cyrusian and it was ruled by the descendants of giants who survived the fall of Thassilon for many centuries. The giants were often targets of glory-seeking Ulfen warlords but under Queen Ledamaru's rule in -450 AR the giants marched north in what is recalled as the Giantkin War. The army of giants advanced and managed to reach and lay siege to Kalsgard. At this time the Ulfen Kingdoms decided to fight back. King Ulvass repelled the giants and drove them back into Old Cyrusian. When the Ulfen reached the capital city of the giants, Queen Ledamaru in desperation used an ancient Thassilonian weapon which destroyed the city of Torandey along with both armies. By -440 AR all major giant tribes had been driven out of the region, forced to find shelter in the Kodar Mountains or in the Ironbound Islands. For many generations the land was claimed by dozens of barbarian tribes. In 1102 AR King Eskir Honeytongue claimed the area and established the Ulfen kingdom of Southmoor. He founded the city of Jol on the ruins of Torandey to serve as the capital of the new kingdom.1

When New Thassilon emerged along the southern borders of the Linnorm Kingdoms in 4718 AR, King Opir Eightfingers committed a fatal error by launching ill-advised raids against Runelord Belimarius' domains. His defeat resulted in his kingdom losing its ruler, though Opir's body was never discovered among the fallen on the battlefield. Some claim that the fallen king is imprisoned in a concealed dungeon within the island realms of western New Thassilon, while others suggest he escaped to the mountains and is currently amassing a new army, planning a return to the throne. The absence of loyal allies interested in investigating his disappearance or seeking his potential revival only deepens the enigma surrounding his destiny.4

Rulers of Southmoor

Reign Title Name Remarks
1102 AR – ??? King, maybe Linnorm King Eskir Honeytongue Established Kingdom of Southmoor and founds Jol as its capital from the ruins of Torandey
Unknown Period
Around 2003 AR King, maybe Linnorm King Rolf Erickson
Unknown Period
Around 4100 AR King, maybe Linnorm King Jorri Hagris
After Jorri Hagris – 4694 AR Linnorm Kings Several Linnorm Kings named after odd deformities
4694 AR4719 AR Linnorm King Opir Eightfingers
4719 AR – Present Linnorm King Ostog


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