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Changing seasons (Psomeira)
Her holidays mark the changing seasons, which signal the beginning and end of military campaigns.[1]
  • Isles of the Shackles p15 Drowning Rock festival
  • Korvosa p11 4544 AR, p24, 36
  • Sargava Chalice Inner Sea World Guide p167
  • Thanatopsis Parade Into The Darklands p44
  • Devil’s Night? Though small brawls are common, no major religious rioting has occurred since the Devil’s Night a decade ago when displaced nobles of Cheliax tried to burn the temple of Asmodeus to the ground, and the devil-worshipers called on the Ascendant Court guard to protect them.

Religious Works

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Traditional Festival of Night's Return sermon[2]

Desolation fell upon us, and the Midnight Lord gave us succor. Death came to hunt us, and the Midnight Lord gave us its leash. Pain tried to break us, and Zon-Kuthon taught us that it held nothing to fear. By his grace we are Nidalese. By his gifts we master the night.

Children and chosen of Zon-Kuthon, be proud to serve your Master's will. Find glory in the Midnight Lord's favor. For only we, among the varied peoples of the world, stood unbroken by the shattering of Earthfall. We alone survived unscathed when proud empires crumbled, when scholars fell into the ignorance of ruin, when sages and peacekeepers became crude cannibals just to survive. Only we were worthy of Zon-Kuthon's protection, and so it remains today. Only we are still worthy of his gifts, and only we can give him true glory.

We alone hold the heritage of ages. We alone revel in the Midnight Lord's gifts and grace. We alone are Nidalese.


The Pirate’s Course[3]

Now this here boy approached the docks, lookin' to get paid;
He drank powder mixed with rum at Formidably Maid;
Some go willing, most do not, when the press-gang calls;
There's crew to fill, and they pay in swill, till the ocean takes them all.

Aye, lad, aye, lass, live by Besmara's code;
Many a journey started here, if the truth be told.
Aye, lad, aye, lass, drink Besmara's mead;
By strength or spell, give 'em hell, and fill your ship with gold.

  — Opening lines and chorus