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Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 69

Vanitapati was an incredibly potent Vudran psychic who is most famous for defeating the Spawn of Rovagug known as Kothogaz, the Dance of Disharmony. Vanitapati finally defeated Kothogaz in 345 AR, after the various mahajanapadas of the Impossible Kingdoms had united to fight the abominable spawn but to no avail: Kothogaz destroyed one kingdom after another, all but unstoppable. To defeat the colossal abomination, Vanitapati channelled the psychic energy of yogis, psychics, sorcerers, and even uncountable common people. With their combined psychic might, Vanitapati was able to manifest a mental avatar as tall as a mountain that was able to tear Kothogaz into 101 chunks of rancid flesh. The strain of this manifestation was enormous, costing over a million Vudrani lives and completely stripping Vanitapati of all her psychic abilities.1 Today, the site of this battle is memorialised by The Devi, a colossal statue over two hundred feet tall that serves as both a site of holy pilgrimage and a powerful nexus for psychic magic.2


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