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Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 46

Unyielding Kothogaz, the Dance of Disharmony,[1] is one of the Spawn of Rovagug. When it arrived is unknown, except that it was after Ulunat.[2]


Surviving parts of the acid-sourged Ezida Scrolls provide a most detailed known description of it: a shell like a horned beetle's: veined wings of broken glass; a torso resembling a humanoid with a slug-like abdomen and moist, chitinous armor; four arms, two tipped in pinscers; a drooling maw that forms most of its head; and dozens of eyes arrayed above its mouth.[3]


Kothogaz was first spotted near old Ezida, then a city of Ninshabur.[3] Hathga-Tah the Ninshaburite also described Kothogaz as "pus of raw and bursted wounds" in their list of the Spawn of Rovagug.[4]

A bit from Kothogaz is blamed for the disfigurement and madness of the gold dragon Trilochan in the Nahari Desert.[3]

In the mid-4th century AR, Kothogaz came upon Vudra, then disunited, and wrought much destruction in it. The legendary hero Khiben-Said, whom the current maharajah claims as an ancestor, led the defense of this land. In a battle that tales claim cost a million Vudrani lives, the hero-priests cast it into the ocean and boiled the ocean, weakening it to the point where the creature's heart could be extracted.[3]

The heart is now in 101 pieces, and the largest is said to lie beneath Padiskar on Jamleray.[3]

Kothogaz is said to have scattered three pieces of the Champion of the Gilded Host, a powerful construct, when it trampled across Vudra.[5]

In culture

Kothogaz is not well-known in Avistan. Its tales are retold primarily in Nex, and (amongst the reactionaries who revived it) Ezida. In Vudra, where it is best known, it is a crime to speak of it, nor is it recommended for visitors to inquire after it in Vudra's outpost of Jalmeray.[3]


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