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Source: Howl of the Carrion King, pg(s). 9

A member of the Templars of the Five Winds Vardishal is most prominently remember for becoming a saint in the Sarenrae religion, admittedly an obscure local saint who is only really known in Katapesh. Like all the Templars of the Five Winds Vardishal was in fact a jann, a type of genie, who was granted immortality by his more powerful jaathoom1 mistress Nefeshti.2

Vardishal served as one of the generals of Nefeshti's armies and was said to embody the north wind that carried with it the war cries of soldiers. Vardishal was renowned for his staunch opposition to the cult of Rovagug and served to help keep the residents of Pale Mountain in check.

Vardishal was killed in battle hundreds of years ago, though his ghost continued to manifest near the spot where he was killed. The Monastery of St. Vardishal was built on the site where his ghost manifests and was filled with frescoes of Vardishal. His ghost was benevolent, and when it manifested would often spout omens to the followers of Sarenrae about potential danger.3


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