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Jelani, a sand-dancer janni.
Type Outsider
CR 4
Environment Warm deserts
Images of jann

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 141
See also: Half-janni and suli

Jann (singular janni) are the weakest members of geniekind. Composed of all four elements, they are most frequently found on the Material Plane.


A janni appears almost human, but has a definite mystical air to them, something that makes them both admired and distrusted by actual humans. Jann stand at least six feet tall and carry themselves with an unnatural grace. The only other giveaway to their nature is their eyes, which sparkle with an unnatural brightness.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Jann favour the quiet isolation of the deepest desert and the most remote oases. Unlike other genies, the janni have no home elemental plane; instead they roam across the Material Plane. They keep their distance from humans, whom they distrust. They are draw to places of natural beauty like the Painted Flutes and other natural wonders. Jann are unique amongst genies in that rather than being composed of a single element, they are instead made of a combination of all four. Despite their human appearance (which, if pointed out, would quickly offend), they are much stronger than they initially appear.[1]

Should a jann overcome its distrust of humans and procreate with one, the resulting child is a half-janni.[2]