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Jelani, a sand-dancer jann.
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Janns2 are the eldest members of geniekind. Composed of all elements, they most often live and travel across the Universe.3


Janns appear almost human but with a mystical air to them, something that makes them both admired and distrusted by actual humans. Janns stand at least six feet tall and carry themselves with an unnatural grace. The only other giveaway to their nature is their eyes, which sparkle with an unnatural brightness.4[citation needed]

Habitat and ecology

Unlike other genies, janns have no home elemental plane and instead roam across the Universe.3 They are well esteemed among genies as the forebears of geniekind.5

Should a jann overcome their distrust of humans and procreate with one, the resulting child is a half-jann, whose offspring with humans are called sulis.6

Jann shuyookhs7 alternatively called amirs, are greatly respected among janns.5 They rarely congregate and do so only in times of great need. When granting wishes to untrustworthy mortals, they rely on reading portents and shape the results in ways that encourage growth and exploration.5

For other meanings of "Amir", please see Amir (disambiguation).


Janns' multi-elemental nature makes them durable against a wide variety of magical and mundane elemental harm.53 They can also call upon a single element from their being to empower themselves.53

They exude a commanding presence that compel all creatures, but particularly other genies, to respect or fear them.53 Janns can also change their shape to resemble animals,5 and jann shuyookhs can take the forms of elementals.3

When the Elemental Planes of Wood and Metal spontaneously re-emerged in 4723 AR,89 the lost elements were added into some janns' beings, changing them both physically and mentally. However, some janns still have little or no influence over elemental metal and wood.5

Unlike other genies, wish-granting is not limited to shyookhs but is available to all of their kind. The shyookhs of other genie types grant wishes by replicating this jann ability through ancient rituals.3

On Golarion

Clans of nomadic janns roam the deserts of Kelesh. They encourage their suli kinsmen to brag about their achievements and interact with humans, in the hope of making good impressions and softening the Keleshite government's stance on genie slavery.1011


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