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Monastery of St. Vardishal

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

An abandoned monastery located near Kelmarane that once housed an order of monks dedicated to the sun goddess Sarenrae, the Monastery of St. Vardishal is now a pale shadow of its former glory. The monastery was dedicated to a regional and quite obscure saint of Sarenrae named Saint Vardishal.[1]

As well as the order of monks the monastery also housed a large chapel for lay worshippers[2] and an crypt for burials.[3] As well as Vardishal the monastery was also dedicated to the Templars of the Five Winds who feature heavily in the temples iconography. Several murals in the monastery depict the Templars conflict with and victory over the fiendish efreet Jhavhul.[4]

This is all in the distant past, as now the monastery is little more than a ruin inhabited by a tribe of vicious pugwampi,[1] a territorial geier,[5] and a nest of stirges.[6]