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Any underground or urban
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 145

Horrible and sadistic fey, a Vexgit loves nothing more than destroying the carefully crafted, fine tuned machinery of the humanoid races then watch the chaos that ensues.


Vexgits most closely resemble greasy cockroaches that have taken on humanoid form, a tail and now only have two arms and two legs. Their back is covered by an insect like shell while their whole body is made of verminous chitin. Their face is a cross between a beetle with its long mandibles and a spider with its tiny, tearing teeth. Vexgits always carry their favorite weapons, small yet vicious spiked metal hammers which they wield with considerable skill.1

Habitat and ecology

Like most gremlins vexgits prefer to dwell underground in the lightless depths of the Darklands however they are drawn to the surface more often than most gremlins. Vexgits cannot resist the allure of human cities and all the machinery up there just waiting to be broken. Vexgits can be encountered alone or in groups numbering twenty or more and while one vexgit is a nuisance a group of them can be deadly as they turn any nearby machines into malfunctioning death traps. Many an engineer has cursed the vexgits as his latest contraption crumbles into a pile of worthless scrap metal and as a result many engineers invest in gremlin bells to try and ward off these little menaces.2


Speedy Sabotage
The vexgits natural affinity for destruction allows them to tear apart complex devices much quicker than they should be able to.
Wrecking Crew
When assembled in large groups vexgits can take apart huge, wildly complex machines that a single vexgit could not.2


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