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Source: The Witch Queen's Revenge, pg(s). 60

Vigliv is a primal norn originally from the Pontic-Caspian steppe on Earth. The mentor and holder of Baba Yaga's fate, she has long been imprisoned by her student in her Dancing Hut.1


Vigliv resembles a 16 foot tall woman with the skin of a rowan tree's bark, branch-like hair, amber-like eyes, and ebony-like pupils.1


Vigliv belonged to the primal generation of norns who arose in the earliest of humanity's days on Earth, and was tied to a rowan tree that grew beside a secret hot spring in the Pontic-Caspian steppe. This site was sacred to an ancient goddess of fertility and the earth, who chose Vigliv to guard it for eternity, and she stayed behind as most primordial norns died or returned to the First World.1

The local Sarmatian tribes worshipped this goddess, considered the cavern sacred, and only came to ritually drown the young, the sick, and the elderly in the hot springs. When the goddess died, the worshippers stopped coming, but Vigliv's duty remained.1

During a harsh winter, known as the Winter of Cruel Loss, Vigliv saw a Sarmatian girl named Yanca entering the cave. She initially assumed her to be a sacrifice until she discovered the unusually long and lustrous nature of the thread of her fate. She knew that the girl was destined for greatness and began to teach her magic.1

Eventually Yanca became Baba Yaga and outstripped her teacher. However, as Vigliv still held her fate, Baba Yaga tore her grotto from the planet and used it as the foundation of her Dancing Hut. Vigliv became Baba Yaga's prisoner, and her cavern is carried alongside the Dancing Hut when it travels.1


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