Viridian Crown

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Viridian Crown
(Magic item)
Aura Strong abjuration, conjuration(healing), divination
Caster Level 20th
Type Artifact
Slot Head
Origin Iadara, Kyonin
Affiliation Telandia Edasseril, Queen of Kyonin

Source: Elves of Golarion, pg(s). 31

The Viridian Crown is an elven magical item designed solely for the monarch of Kyonin. It is a delicate circlet and appears to be made of living blue-green vines along with delicate leaves. The appearance varies, as the interlocking vines sometimes reconfigure themselves depending on the seasons (springing crystalline flowers during such times) or during times of war (growing sharp thorns).[1]


The history of the Viridian Crown goes back millennia, and the oldest elven legends speak of a time when the crown was not worn by the monarch of Kyonin. This has not happened for a very long time, however, and the magic item has been part of the crown jewels for all of recorded history.[1]


Although the crown possesses several potent abilities, its greatest powers are only available to the legitimate ruler of the elven kingdom. One such power is the ability to scry upon any loyal elf in the nation.[1]


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