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A magic item known as a wayfinder. See also Category:Images of magic items.

Magic items, or magical items, come in many different forms and values, enhanced by many types of magic.1

Types of magic item

In addition to those that are generically held or worn, magic items are sometimes divided into several categories based on their common properties:12


Magic items' powers protect them from many of the natural forces that would degrade mundane equivalents over time, and they can remain stable and usable for hundreds—or thousands—of years even when stored in unsuitable conditions.5

Most magic items, such as scrolls and wands, aren't inherently tied to one magical tradition. However there are several items, such as divine holy water or an arcane accolade robe, that are empowered by specifically arcane, divine, occult, or primal magic.6


Those who craft or research magic items as an occupation are often called artificers.7

Item runes

While many magic items have magic imbued in them from their creation, most magic weapons and armor gain magical properties through the etching of enchanted runes on their surfaces. These runes grant the item's wielder minor powers.8

Cursed magic items

See also: Category:Cursed items

Sometimes a magic item is badly constructed in some fashion, whether through incompetence, circumstance, or corruption. Such incidents often result in the creation of a cursed magic item.19 Most are created accidentally, but some are intentionally crafted to sabotage others or to gain a benefit even at the curse's often great cost. Black markets often attempt to pass off cursed items as counterfeit magic items, especially items that are initially beneficial but lose or twist their powers over time.10

Intelligent magic items

Rodrick wielding Hrym, an intelligent sword.
See also: Category:Intelligent magic items

Some magic items are intelligent and possess a consciousness and personality of their own. Such items have their own means of perceiving the world around them and communicating with their wielder and other beings. They also typically exhibit agency over their own powers, granting or denying them as it suits their own desires and needs.111

Such items cannot be created except through exceptional circumstances, and in some cases require a large sacrifice or even a mortal soul. As a result, almost every intelligent item is unique by nature.11


See also: Category:Relics

Magic items that grow in power alongside their wielder are known as relics. Such items often gift simple powers to their wielder but become more powerful and grant new abilities over time as they reveal their true power and purpose.12


See also: Category:Artifacts and Category:Artifact items

A rare few magic items are of such power that they are considered separately from lesser magic items and are termed artifacts.113


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