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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Red dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Lost Mines, Nirmathas

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 41

Vorathadyn is a wyrm red dragon who makes his lair and keeps his hoard beneath the Mindspin Mountains in Nirmathas. His lair is encased within a demiplane alongside the nearby Lost Mines.[1]


Vorathadyn spent most of his life prowling the vaults of Orv. During this time, he gained many enemies and much wealth, which he brought to his lair in the Mindspin Mountains. Eventually, 200 years ago, the many years dealing with the bizarre creatures of Orv took their toil on Vorathadyn's mind: he became paranoid that one of his enemies would kill him and steal his hoard, so he locked himself in his lair to protect his wealth. He particularly feared the dwarven mine a few miles away, believing that a miner could eventually dig a tunnel to his lair.[1]

A thief did come to Vorathadyn's lair, but this was not a miner or one of his old enemies, but an adventurer who had released an efreeti from his bottle. The adventurer used the efreeti's first wish to equip herself with the best equipment, and the second one for 'a room full of priceless treasures'. The efreeti granted the wish by transporting the adventurer to Vorathadyn's lair, where the dragon immediately devoured her and seized the bottle. The dismayed efreeti hastily explained that he only had one wish left that he could bestow on Vorathadyn, who said:[1]

I wish for immortal servants who will never tire, thirst, or suffer in any fashion, until they have built me a magnificent, impenetrable vault full of traps to keep my treasures safe.

The efreeti obeyed the wish by transporting the entire dwarven Mindspin mine, including equipment, personnel, and monsters, to Vorathadyn's lair. He also encased the lair and mine in a demiplane to fulfil Vorathadyn's demand for an impenetrable vault, before vanishing. Vorathadyn immediately ordered the dwarves to do their work, but they quickly understood the ramifications of his wish: Vorathadyn could do no harm to them so long as the vault remained unfinished.[1]

For the last 200 years, the dwarves have toiled on the vault, taking their time as Vorathadyn had demanded the finest vault ever made. Although he lost his patience with them long ago, Vorathadyn has remained bound by his conditions. The dwarves know that they will be eaten once the vault is finished, so they have continued to delay while waiting for rescue.[1]


Vorathadyn is worshipped as a god by kobold and duergar tribes transported from the disused corners of the mines by the efreeti. They consider the risk of having a member being eaten to be worth the opportunity to bask in Vorathadyn's presence.[1]