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Sky King's Tomb

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Sky King's Tomb is the thirty-sixth Pathfinder Adventure Path and runs from July 2023 to September 2023.

Millenia ago, the dwarven creator god Torag shook the earth and called the dwarves to the surface in the Quest for Sky. Taargick rose from the hardships of this journey, becoming the Sky King of Highhelm. For centuries he ruled, creating monuments to Torag and the accomplishments of his people… And then he vanished without a trace. Invited guests of the clans of Highhelm find themselves embroiled in a story of seekers, survivors, and heroes discovering the Sky King’s Tomb.


Pathfinder Adventure Path
Mantle of Gold.jpg
Mantle of Gold Written by John Compton, Crystal Frasier, Caryn DiMarco, et al. Released August 3, 2023
For level 1. Uncover Lost Treasures!

Invited to a prestigious storytelling festival in Highhelm, the greatest dwarven city, a clan's eclectic guests explore every corner of the metropolis to build their own legends. Yet when these budding celebrities find a relic linked to one of dwarvenkind's greatest heroes, they're drawn into a mysterious ancient urban intrigue that kicks off a deadly treasure hunt.

Cult of the Cave Worm.jpg
Cult of the Cave Worm Written by Scott D. Young et al. Released August 30, 2023
For level 5. Descend into Danger!

Finding a legendary tomb requires tracking an equally legendary cave worm said to dwell there. As the adventurers set out from Highhelm, they must brave the Darklands' dangers, navigate a treacherous fey city, and recover the relic that retraces the cave worm's path. Yet in doing so, they learn of nefarious rivals who also seek the tomb—rivals the adventurers might stop by infiltrating an unforgiving underground metropolis.

Heavy is the Crown.jpg
Heavy is the Crown Written by Jessica Catalan et al. Released September 20, 2023
For level 8. History Sealed in Stone

For all his epic deeds, the first high king earned countless enemies, and word of his tomb's rediscovery has gathered an eclectic army of dwarves' ancient enemies. To preserve the tomb and save a dwarven city, the adventurers must infiltrate, splinter, and sabotage the gathering legion. Only in this chaos can the adventurers catch up to their rival at the tomb itself. The question isn't just whether they can prevail, but whether their victory makes them worthy of the tomb's greatest secrets.

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Player's Guide
Sky King's Tomb Player's Guide.png
Sky King's Tomb Player's Guide Written by John Compton, Crystal Frasier, et al. Released July 13, 2023
Inside the Sky King’s Tomb Player’s Guide, you’ll find player-friendly, spoiler-free lore and tips to create an exciting character suited for the Sky King’s Tomb Adventure Path. Contents include:
  • An overview of the Sky Citadel Highhelm, dwarven culture, and dwarven faiths.
  • Character advice, including ways different character classes and ancestries might excel in this Adventure Path.
  • New character backgrounds specifically designed for this Adventure Path, including Conservator, Child of Notoriety, and Historical Reenactor.
  • An extensive guide to underground exploration and adventuring in the dark.