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Aliases Deep Ghost
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Alghollthu master
Class Wizard (Transmuter) 7
Homeland Wisher's Well, Sandpoint Hinterlands, Varisia

Source: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, pg(s). 95

Vorimorath, known to its minions as the Deep Ghost, is an albino alghollthu master who rules a petty empire of monsters in the underwater caverns beneath Wisher's Well in the Sandpoint Hinterlands. It was originally drawn to this place—which was formerly the hidden underwater laboratory of Mazmiranna, the woman who would go on to become the fifth runelord of greed—by the promise of Thassilonian treasures.[1] Vorimorath has since restored the ancient guardians and wards originally employed by Mazmiranna, and finished studying the lore she left behind. It occasionally explores the world outside in human form, and sends its skum and faceless stalker minions (the latter of which have been modified to be able to breathe water, and are disguised as humanoids during such missions) to raid and search for more lost Thassilonian knowledge.[2]


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