Wisher's Well

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Wisher's Well is one of the lesser known Thassilonian ruins in the greater Sandpoint area. This circular stone tower is 30 feet high, and the interior drops away into a 100-foot-deep shaft, ending in an underwater cavern connected to Sog's Bay.12

This submerged complex was formerly the laboratory of Mazmiranna, who later abandoned it when she became the fifth runelord of greed. It has since been taken over by the albino alghollthu master Vorimorath, who has been drawn to Wisher's Well by the promise of Thassilonian treasures and the alghollthu master has restored Mazmiranna's wards and guardians. Myriad monsters also dwell in the complex, including Vorimorath's ulat-kini and faceless stalker minions, the latter of which have been modified to be able to breathe water.2


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