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Class Alchemist
Gender Male

Source: Lost Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 12

The alchemist Vumeshki is the author of the book of poems entitled Songs at Sun's Ebb. The most well known of those poems is Ilvarandin, which tells of a utopia deep beneath the earth.[1]

In fact, Vumeshki was one of the first victims of the drug midnight milk. Under its influence he was convinced that Ilvarandin was an earthy paradise of eternal youth. In fact, the underground city of Ilvarandin is the hunting ground of the intellect devourers, and the drug was created by them to provide a means of eating the minds of surface dwellers.

Vumeshki's brain was devoured by the intellect devourer Tiluatchek, using the drug as a gateway. Tiluatchek took over Vumeshki's body,[2] and physically moved it into Ilvarandin.

Tiluatchek has since moved on to many other bodies, but keeps Vumeshki's body (among others) hidden away in High Ilvarandin in case he should ever have need of it.[3]