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Source: Sanctum of the Serpent God, pg(s). 52

Vyr-Azul is a fanatical serpentfolk cleric of Ydersius who seeks to restore his race's patron and bring the serpentfolk empire back to the prominence it held during the Age of Serpents.1


Vyr-Azul was born in Sverenagati and embraced the dogma of Ydersius with particular devotion. Due to his divinely inspired dreams, the apparent ability of normal snakes to survive a decapitation, and Azlanti texts that spoke of the indestructible Skull of Ydersius and his headless, writhing body retreating into the Darklands, Vyr-Azul became convinced that Ydersius was weakened by being decapitated by Savith, but not destroyed.1

Vyr-Azul eventually became the highest-ranking cleric of Ydersius, and proclaimed that, as the serpentfolk declined with the defeat of their god, they would return to power if Ydersius was restored. He used this doctrine to rally followers, stop their infighting, and order them to rediscover lost lore of ancestors who built Sverenagati and went into hibernation during the war against Azlant. He sought to awaken them and share his message with them, and to ask for their assistance in restoring Ydersius.1

After many years, Vyr-Azul's minions broke into an ancient hibernation chamber. Four champions of Sverenagati, carefully roused from sleep, initially resented Vyr-Azul's presence, but reluctantly accepted him as an equal after he told them of the fall of Azlant. They were sceptical of Vyr-Azul's plan, and agreed to aid him only in order to unify the serpentfolk for an eventual invasion of the surface to enslave humanity.1

Vyr-Azul's new allies gave him various resources, and showed him both the way to Sverenagati's sister-city of Ilmurea and the method of transforming serpentfolk into the human shape in order to infiltrate the surface. With this new knowledge, Vyr-Azul led an expedition to reclaim Ilmurea from the morlocks and urdefhans residing in the city. After several months, he found the ancient temple of Ydersius, the deep pit where his headless body fell into Orv, and the Skull of Ydersius in the cool lava lake where Savith cast it after she beheaded him. With the Skull in his hands, Vyr-Azul telepathically contacted Ydersius' body to reunite with his head and return to his full power, and Ydersius sent his herald, the Emperor of Scales, to aid and guide Vyr-Azul in the restoration ritual.12


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