We Be Heroes? (scenario bundle)

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Society Adventure: We Be Heroes?
We Be Heroes?
Author(s) Liz Spain, based on material by Brian Duckwitz
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price PDF: $4.99
Released June 15, 2019
Type Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Adventure
Binding PDF
Rules set PACG
Series Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild
Season of Tapestry's Tides adventures
Follows The Fangwood Thieves
Precedes All for Immortality
Artwork from We Be Heroes? (scenario bundle)

We Be Heroes?, a Tier 1 Pathfinder Adventure Card Society scenario, was released in June 2019 for Free RPG Day 2019. The scenario bundle requires the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Core Set.

The goblins of the Crookedtoes tribe suddenly find their bellies empty and growling for food. Worse, the tribe's best scout has gone missing, and the chief has tasked the brightest members of the Crookedtoes to go out into the woods and find out what happened. While searching for the missing scout, the goblins stumble across a wrecked farmhouse on a hill and discover a group of knights besieged by an undead army. Now, the new heroes must test their mettle—will they fall to the mighty zompigs or emerge as victorious heroes?