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Chief Zusgut.

Zusgut (formerly Velkik)
Source: Flooded King's Court, pg(s). 4

The Crookedtoes tribe of goblins call The Puddles district in Absalom their home. They have currently made their home in a ruined playhouse, partially due to Zusgut's appreciation of performance and theatre.1


The goblins that would eventually become the Crookedtoes were formerly survivors of the devastating Goblinblood Wars who fled north from Isger to Nirmathas. They sought to eke out an existence far away from the trauma and loss they suffered. The war had taken the lives of most of the more violent members of the group, resulting in the leadership of the tribe falling to Chief Velkik, whose visions and dreams led her and the tribe to the worship of Sarenrae.2

The tribe proved unusual in that various new radical changes occurred in its culture. Goblin young are leashed rather than caged, literacy is no longer taboo, and most notable of all, food is obtained by hunting and gathering instead of raiding nearby settlements. Even the goblin's obsession with fire was gradually replaced with the veneration of the sun (and thus the worship of Sarenrae) due to Valkik's leadership skills.3

In 4719 AR, the region was overrun by undead when the nation of Lastwall fell. The Crookedtoes tribe escaped annihilation by teaming up with a group of Lastwall knights and fleeing south. They finally reached the city of Absalom to find a new home, relocating in The Puddles district.14


The tribe's leadership passed to the goblin Zusgut during the harrowing journey away from their undead-ravaged homeland. The aging Valkik remains a valued and respected member of the tribe, however, and serves as Zusgut's closest advisor.14


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