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All for Immortality (scenario bundle)

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Society Adventure: All for Immortality
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Book - Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Adventure

All for Immortality, a Tier 5 Pathfinder Adventure Card Society scenario, was released in 2019. The scenario was part of the PACS 2019 Open set up for multiple tables of four players each. The bundle requires the Core Set and Curse of the Crimson Throne PACG sets.

In the hunt for relics and objects of historical significance, the Pathfinder Society has maintained a longstanding rivalry with the Aspis Consortium. While the Pathfinder Society works to preserve historical artifacts and to respect their significance to cultures past and present, the Aspis Consortium is a profit–driven organization with no qualms about selling a sacred artifact to the highest bidder. While this rivalry has led to occasional flareups between Aspis agents and Pathfinders, it had never escalated to open warfare; that is, until a brazen attack a few months ago. The Aspis Consortium launched an assault on the heart of the Pathfinder Society's operations, the Grand Lodge. In the aftermath of this strike, dozens of Pathfinder agents were dead and numerous valuable artifacts were missing or destroyed. In the ensuing investigations, Pathfinders discovered that the attack was the responsibility of a splinter faction within the Aspis Consortium called the Korholm Agenda, which acted without the authorization of the Consortium's leaders. After uncovering the existence of the Korholm Agenda, Pathfinders drove away or slew most of the rogue organization's members. The time has come to track down the Korholm Agenda's leaders and end the rogue organization once and for all.