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Level 15
Adjective Wemmuth

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 326

Wemmuth are huge vine-creatures that grow out of bloody fields of battle.[1]


Sporting over 6,000 feet of vines once fully-grown, wemmuths are enormous vegetative creatures. They will often grow around rocks, trees, and other more substantive matter to give their shape some form. When on the attack, the wemmuth becomes a massive rolling ball of these rocks and thorned vines.[1]


A wemmuth's abilities largely revolve around manipulating its form and feeding on blood. Those the creature can constrict quickly find themselves drained of blood through the thorns of the wemmuth's vines, while those who attempt to flee will find a tumbling boulder of vine coming to engulf them.[1]


Primarily found in the aftermath of large battles or devastating natural disasters, wemmuths are common throughout the Inner Sea region. The origin of the creatures is unknown, though some blame experimentation in Cheliax or Abyssal influence around Sarkoris. Ultimately, whatever the origin, the creatures seek only to gorge themselves on more blood and grow even larger.[1]


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