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Race/Species Ettin
Gender Female
Homeland Hold of Belkzen

Source: The Hill Giant's Pledge, pg(s). 64

The ettin Zalla-Kyzah came down from the Mindspin Mountains to the Conquered Lands of southern Belkzen in search of land unclaimed by other giantkin. Zalla, the right head, is ambitious and plans to raise an army of orcs in order to claim a territory. Kyzah, the other head, is content to collect impressive items and care for her vicious dogs. The two-headed giant has made her lair in a abandoned siege tower at the foothills of the mountains and has been attacking travelers in the area. Zalla-Kyzah has become a real threat to the town of Trunau, which relies on supplies brought from outlying farms and by foreign merchants.[1]


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